Celebrate culture. Embrace diversity. Practice your language skills. Launch plans to study abroad. Find the support you need as international student. Make all of this and more happen at our Global Education Center.

Through the center's orientations and continuing education programs, gain the skills and understanding you'll need to become a culturally engaged professional. Visit us to participate in cultural exchange with students, Global Faculty Fellows, and staff from around the globe.

student studying abroad in Thailand

Travel the World

Be immersed in different cultures, visit historic and natural sites, and become a world citizen. That’s the power of study abroad.

Study Abroad

Spend a year or semester abroad, embark on a short-term travel course, or enroll as an exchange student in one of our partner universities in Asia or Europe. Through your study abroad experiences, you can engage in meaningful cultural exchange and language learning. Develop your confidence and analytical skills. Build self-knowledge and appreciation for multiple perspectives. Pursue internship experiences that open doors to new careers. You'll return with a better understanding of the social, cultural, economic, political, and technological forces that shape today’s global society.

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International Students

Our community is small enough so that people can get to know one another, yet it's big enough to provide rich opportunities. You'll engage in challenging research and study while immersing in the culture, history, and entertainment in Cambridge and nearby Boston.

Here, you’ll find students from all over the world and from right in the neighborhood. You'll become part of an international community with a New England college-town personality.

And you'll find support at every stage of your international student experience. We'll guide you through the F-1 Student Visa and admissions process. Once you're here, we'll help you connect with resources to ensure academic success and personal development.

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“It's hard work adjusting to a new culture and a new school, but at Lesley, you don't do it alone. Support from the International Student Office and the greater Lesley community makes your transition a smooth one. You will have the opportunity to build relationships and networks that stretch across nations."
Kwadwo Poku , International Higher Education & Intercultural Relations
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