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Preparing Educators to Become Changemakers and Lifelong Learners

Lesley’s Graduate School of Education has earned a reputation as New England’s largest and most respected provider of teacher preparation programs. Whether you’re thinking about becoming a teacher or are already teaching, we offer programs that ensure you’ll be the best teacher you can be. 

We specialize in integrating the arts, literacy, technology, and strategies for meeting the needs of diverse learners into all of our programs. With small class sizes, faculty support, and a collaborative environment, you’ll become a vital member of our learning community. And as a Lesley graduate, you’ll join an extensive network of alumni educators who are making a difference in students’ lives across the country and around the world. 

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Start Your Early Childhood Program This June, Finish Next Summer

If you're ready to start your studies for a Master of Education and a MA Initial license in Early Childhood, you have an opportunity to begin this June at our off-campus site in Newton, MA.

If you would like to prepare for an English as a Second Language license as well, you can take our Master of Education and MA Initial License in Early Childhood with ESL Preparation in Somerville, MA.

Once accepted into the Newton program, if you wish you can apply to the Newton Public Schools for an internship in a Newton early childhood classroom. This paid internship partially completes a required student teaching experience.

The Somerville program consists of courses given at Somerville, on Lesley's campus, and online.

For more information: 617.349.8300 or luadmissions@lesley.edu.

"What makes teaching important is your impact on so many students over so many years. Everyone's had one teacher who stood out as a person who made a difference in their lives—and they remember that teacher forever."
Brenda Matthis, Associate Professor

Professional Development Centers

Center for Reading Recovery and
Literacy Collaborative

Headed by literacy expert and author Irene Fountas, the center is a national leader in literacy research, professional development, and school programs for grades PreK–8. We run workshops, institutes, and courses in Cambridge and in school districts, as well as the annual Literacy for All Conference

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Center for Inclusive and Special Education

The Center for Inclusive and Special Education is dedicated to supporting educators, families, and communities in meeting the needs of all learners. We are guided by a philosophy that presumes the competence of all people in their different ways of knowing, learning, and expressing. We are also the home to the Lesley Institute for Trauma Sensitivity, which advances the development of trauma-sensitive learning environments.

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Center for Mathematics Achievement

We assist teachers, coaches, specialists, teacher leaders, and administrators in honing and deepening mathematics content knowledge through workshops, professional development, and consultation at school and district sites. We believe that educators who have enriched their own mathematical content knowledge are better equipped to provide more effective mathematics opportunities for their students.

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STEAM Learning Lab

The STEAM Learning Lab provides a new way for our students and community partners to engage in inquiry-based exploration. It's a space where students can come together to imagine, build, and invent.

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