ALERT: Lunder Arts Opening Celebration Postponed: Due to the recent blizzard and significant uncertainty in this weekend's forecast, Lesley University is postponing the Jan. 31 Lunder Arts Center opening celebration until later in the semester. We will update you as soon as a date is confirmed.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Faculty Mary ColemanA Lesley University Education...
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  • Faculty Spotlight


    Christine A. Evans

    Professor of Comparative Literature; Division Director Humanities

    Dr. Evans's research has focused on the nineteenth and twentieth century European novel, literary theory, twentieth century women philosophers who wrote literature or wrote about literature, and French literature written during World War II.

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  • Faculty Spotlight


    Steve Benson

    Associate Professor of Mathematics

    Dr. Benson's professional interests include number theory, problem solving, the history of mathematics, and teacher education.

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  • Faculty Spotlight


    Summer Clark

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Clark is passionate about re-envisioning the classroom as a community grounded in equity, caring, and wonder.

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  • Community Service at Lesley


    Over 8,000 Hours Served in One Year

    Gain valuable experience and develop your leadership skills, all the while helping others. Our Community Service Office can connect you to several programs where you can truly make a difference.

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  • Newsletter


    News from 29 Mellen

    The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is a dynamic, intellectually rigorous and highly interdisciplinary part of Lesley University. We invite you to learn more about us. Please read News from 29 Mellen.

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  • Featured Content


    The Child Homelessness Initiative

    Established in May 2011 with support from the Schoen Family Foundation, the Child Homelessness in Massachusetts Initiative is designed to bring attention to the growing number of children and families without adequate shelter in the Commonwealth.

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