Request a Transcript

Your transcript is an official academic record. It shows the degree you earned, the credit and non-credit courses you took, and the grades you received. A transcript is important to many employers and to graduate schools because it’s proof that you earned a degree.

Transcripts also show other information such as your grade point average and standardized test scores. Courses from which you withdrew (W) or left incomplete (I) will also appear on your transcript. The Registrar’s Office handles transcript requests.


$5 per transcript, payable to Lesley University.


Allow three to five business days for processing your request, plus mailing time.


Request your transcript online, in writing, or in person. Requests over the phone are not accepted.

Unpaid bills

Transcripts are not issued for students who carry financial debt to the university.

Look over the options below and choose the appropriate transcript type.

  • Official Transcript

    Choose one of four ways to make your request.

    Go online

    Go to your Lesley Online Information System (LOIS) account and select "Official Transcript Request."

    Print and mail a form

    Submit a completed and signed Transcript Request Form (PDF) with $5 for each official transcript requested.

    Write a letter

    Submit a written and signed request including the following information, clearly printed:

    • Name while attending Lesley
    • Dates of attendance
    • Social Security Number or Student Identification Number
    • Graduation date
    • Signature
    • $5 fee for each transcript requested

    Visit the registrar

    Drop by the Registrar’s Office during business hours.

    • Bring proper identification
    • $5 fee for each official transcript
    • The standard three to five business-day processing time applies

    Art Institute of Boston

    If you graduated from the Art Institute of Boston before 1990, you’ll need to submit your transcript request in writing to:

    Attn: AIB Transcript Requests Pre-1990
    Office of The University Registrar
    Lesley University
    29 Everett Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138-2790

  • Requirements-Completed Transcript

    A requirements-completed transcript includes the completion date of your program requirements (generally the date the final grade was received by the Registrar), and the anticipated conferral date of your degree.

    We offer this kind of transcript to prove you’ve completed your program before you receive your degree. It’s often used by teachers, who may receive a pay raise upon completion of their master’s degree requirements, or by undergraduate students applying for initial educator licensure.

    This type of transcript cannot be ordered through LOIS. Please use the requirements-completed transcript form.

    You must file a declaration of intent to graduate online before a requirements-completed transcript will be processed.

  • Endorsed Transcripts for Educator Licensure

    If you’ve recently completed an educator licensure program, and haven’t yet applied for, or are in the process of applying for, your educator license, you must request an endorsed transcript from the Lesley Licensure and Certification Office.

    If you’re a bachelor’s degree student who is applying for licensure, you’ll need to prove you’ve completed your program. You must either have received a diploma or submit a declaration of intent to graduate to enable the creation of an endorsed requirements-completed transcript.

  • Requests for Course Descriptions

    If you need copies of Lesley course descriptions, you’ll need to submit a written request to the registrar with this information:

    • Course number(s)
    • Title(s)
    • Semester/year the course(s) was taken

    Course descriptions are $5 per request. Make checks payable to Lesley University. Telephone requests are not accepted. Please allow 3-5 business days, plus mailing time, for processing requests.

    Transcripts are not issued to students with outstanding financial obligations or any other account hold. 

Contact the Registrar's Office