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Master of Arts in Mindfulness Studies

Earn a graduate degree that will help you become a more mindful citizen of the world, and promote social good through hands-on, real-world applications.

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Join Director Nancy Waring for a Guided Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation Session in Graduate Classroom
Learn the principles of mindfulness practice and how meditation plays a role. Try a 10-minute guided audio meditation with Nancy Waring, director of our Mindfulness Studies master's degree and certificate programs. Learn More.

Mindfulness Student Co-Writes Huffington Post Article

Betsy Parayil-PrezardBetsey Parayil-Prezard ('18) is a leadership coach based in Paris, France, and founder of Connection Leadership.  Her Huffington Post article "Servant Leadership for Today's Mindful Leaders" explores the ways in which leaders can apply wisdom in the workplace.  Read the full article here.

Leading Mindfulness Practitioner Sharon Salzberg Visits Lesley

Salzberg and WaringIn 1974, Sharon Salzberg, along with Joseph Goldstein, returned from four years in India and introduced insight meditation to the United States. On a recent Sunday 40 years later, Salzberg was at Lesley University sharing reflections from her life in meditation and her latest best-selling book. The event was a benefit hosted by Lesley on behalf of Cambridge Insight Meditation Center. Read more.