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Art and Aging: How Creative Expression Can Benefit Older Adults

FACULTY Raquel StephensonLesley Professor Dr. Raquel Stephenson taps into the healing powers of art, and employs creative endeavors as a means of keeping the elderly connected and engaged with the world around them. “The conversation has started to encompass health and wellness. Older adults are also thinking more about quality of life and about remaining creatively active and socially engaged,” says Stephenson.   Read more.

  • Faculty Spotlight


    Nancy Beardall

    Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Dance/Movement Therapy

    Dr. Beardall’s work has focused on dance, dance/movement therapy, and cognitive, social, and emotional development using dance and the expressive arts in the public schools.

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  • Faculty Spotlight


    Robyn Flaum Cruz

    Professor of Expressive Therapies, PhD Program; Adjunct Dance/Movement Therapy Instructor

    Division of Expressive Therapies

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  • Faculty Spotlight


    Rick Reinkraut

    Associate Professor of Counseling and Psychology; Supervisor of Academic Affairs

    Division of Counseling and Psychology

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  • Dean's Blog


    How is Love Bold?

    Why would a Dean write a blog called the Boldness of Love? I’m sure there are people who wonder “couldn’t she write something a little bit more scholarly?” Here’s the thing-- I’m one of those academic administrators who is committed to higher education making a tangible difference in the lives of real people.

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  • Arts in Health


    The Institute for Arts in Health

    The Institute for Arts and Health promotes the use of the arts for the health and well being of all individuals in educational, community, and institutional settings.

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