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Trauma and Learning

Lesley's Center for Special Education helps teachers, staff, schools, and districts understand how trauma can affect learning, and what to do about it.

Center for Special Education

Mary E. Curtis, Director

Susan Kando, Project Manager

Support for the Educational Initiative on Childhood Trauma

Lesley's Educational Initiative on Childhood Trauma is supported by the Oak Foundation, a consortium of philanthropic organizations that commits resources to address issues of global, social, and environmental concern, particularly those that have an impact on the lives of the disadvantaged. It grants funds to not-for-profit organizations around the world. A second grant from the foundation extends the work of the Lesley MAC/TLPI initiative through 2019.

Trauma and Learning Resources

Helping Traumatized Children LearnHelping Traumatized Children Learn, a 117-page report by the Massachusetts Advocates for Children Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative, summarizes the research on how child development is affected by trauma, noting the varied consequences for academic performance as well as social and emotional functioning. This book also identifies the need for school-wide ecological supports (Trauma Sensitive Schools) as the basis for student success.
Helping Traumatized Children Volume IIA second volume, Helping Traumatized Children Learn Volume II, articulates the process for encouraging development of Trauma Sensitive Schools, through the creation of Learning Organizations within schools that follow an effective change process using an inquiry based methodology. A policy agenda calls for changes in laws and policies to support schools.