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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Management Degree Completion at Bunker Hill Community College

Earn your bachelor's degree in Business Management with Lesley University on the Bunker Hill Community College campus.

Partnership with Bunker Hill Community College

LCAL Students ClassroomLesley University has teamed up with Bunker Hill Community College to provide Bunker Hill Students with a unique option for completing their Bachelor's Degree. Bunker Hill students will be able to earn a Bachelor's Degree from Lesley University, right on the Bunker Hill campus.

Affordable Bachelor's Completion Programs at Bunker Hill Community College

At the low price of $430* per credit, Lesley's degree completion programs at Bunker Hill Community College are affordable and within your reach.

$430/credit x 60 credits = $25,800

Registration Fee: $15 per eight-week term

*Rates are subject to change.

Financial Aid for Bachelor's Completion Programs

Lesley University's Financial Aid Office

Please contact our financial aid office to inquire about the assistance that may be available to you.

Enroll in a Program Today

Associate's Degree Holders

You may apply to the program at this time. Our admissions counselors can answer any questions you may have. Email or call 617.349.8800.

2014–2016 Term Dates

Programs begin in Spring 2015.

Spring, Term 1
Friday, 1/9/15–2/27/15

Spring, Term 2
Friday, 3/6/15–4/24/15

Summer, Term 1
Friday, 5/8/15–6/26/15

Summer, Term 2
Friday, 7/3/15–8/21/15


Fall, Term 1
Friday, 9/4/15–10/23/15

Fall, Term 2
Friday, 10/30/15–12/18/15

Spring, Term 1
Friday, 1/8/16–2/26/16

Spring, Term 2
Friday, 3/4/16–4/22/16

Summer, Term 1
Friday, 5/6/16–6/24/16

Summer, Term 2
Friday, 7/1/16–8/19/16