Terris King and Students

Teacher Residencies: Learning, Where the Students Are

In Lesley's Teacher Residency Collaborative programs, Master's degree students learn by doing.

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Collaborative Alumnus Terris King

Terris King is a graduate of the Collaborative Program at Shady Hill School in Cambridge. Terris was also featured in a CNN video, Black Male Teachers a Rare Breed, about his subsequent time teaching kindergarten at Bishop Walker School for Boys in Washington, D.C.

Collaborative Alumna Sarah Reeves Young

Sarah Reeves Young is an alumna of the Collaborative Middle School program at Lesley. A recent Einstein Fellow, she is currently the Utah State Office of Education Science Specialist.


Students Learn How to Teach by Teaching

The Collaborative Program immerses students in a partnership school and classroom setting for a full year, combining experience with advanced study to produce exceptionally well prepared educators.