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Counseling Center

Supporting students in fulfilling the full range of intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development, as part of the overall educational experience.

Counseling Center Locations & Hours

  • Doble Campus
    Doble Hall, 3rd Floor
  • College of Art and Design
    700 Beacon Street, Room 301
  • Hours vary by location

Featured Programs

What else do we offer?
  • Discussion Groups
  • Counseling Internship Program
  • Free, confidential online screening for anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol problems, and eating disorders. Students receive immediate, confidential results, helping them to decide whether an appointment at the Counseling Center might be a good next step.

Addressing Sexual Misconduct

The University takes prompt and effective steps to end sexual misconduct, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects, whether or not the sexual misconduct is the subject of a criminal investigation. Learn more.