Registrar's Office

From your first day of class to your walk across the graduation stage, the Registrar’s Office supports you toward your educational goals.

We oversee registration, maintain student academic records, issue transcripts and diplomas, verify enrollment, and handle degree audits. We also support web registration and the class schedule, assign classrooms, schedule final examinations, and provide administrative services to veterans.

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Registration and Add/Drop Withdrawal
Enrollment Verification
Grade Information
Address and Name Changes
Program, Course, and Term Information
Other Programs and Benefits
Registrar Policies and Procedures

Registration and Add/Drop/Withdrawal

Access forms to register, add/drop, or withdraw from a course.

Enrollment Verification

Current students and their families may need verification that the student is enrolled at Lesley. This documentation could be necessary for scholarship donors, insurance companies, or prospective employers.


Find information on the grading scale, definitions of pass/fail and administrative grades, how to request a grade change, how to enter grades in LOIS, and grade deadlines.

  • Grading Scale
    Letter Grade P/F Course Grade Point System
    A   4.0
    A-   3.7
    B+   3.3
    B   3.0
    B- Pass (Graduate Programs) 2.7
    C+   2.3
    C   2.0
    C- Pass (Undergraduate Programs) 1.7
    D+   1.3
    D   1.0
    D-   0.7
    F   0.0
  • Administrative Grades

    I (Incomplete)

    In exceptional cases, where an unanticipated event beyond one's control interferes with a student's completion of course requirements, a letter grade of "I" may be given to a student, at the instructor's discretion. Student and instructor must complete and sign a "Contract for Completion of Incomplete Coursework." Responsibility for completion of work rests with the student. Deadlines and the policy for incomplete work vary among the schools. Reference the individual school's policy for additional information on incomplete grades.

    AW (Administrative Withdrawal)

    "AW" is an administrative grade assigned to students who have attended no more than the first two classes, but who have not officially dropped or withdrawn from the course. Students who stop attending after the second class, but fail to withdraw by the published University withdrawal deadline must be assigned a letter grade.

    NA (Never Attended)

    NA" is an administrative grade assigned to students who are officially registered for the course and whose name appears on the grade roster, but who have never attended class.

    W (Withdrew)

    Cannot be changed.

  • Grade Changes

    Grade changes must be submitted to the appropriate offices via paper Grade Change Forms, under the following conditions:

    For academic-grade-to-academic-grade changes, submit the form to your department/dean.

    For Incomplete-to-academic-grade changes, submit the form to the Office of the University Registrar.

    Contact the Registrar's Office at 617.349.8740 or 800.999.1959 x8740 or by email at to request official Grade Change Forms.

  • Submitting Grades

    Faculty should submit grades for all students in LOIS; no student should be left without an academic or administrative grade.

    MyLesley is not used to enter grades. The myLesley gradebook is a tool for your personal use, and the entries there are never moved to students' transcripts.

    If a student’s name does not appear on the online roster, click the link at the bottom on the grading page to submit the student’s grade. Students who do not appear on the roster have not been officially registered and must contact the Office of the University Registrar to register and receive their final grades. Submitting grades via the web grading link will record the students’ names and grades for future internal reference within the Office of the University Registrar.

    For detailed information on entering grades, view our LOIS How-to for Faculty.

    Grading Confirmation

    The grade confirmation page on LOIS shows only those students who have been graded; if any student was missed, that name will not appear. If, after submitting grades electronically, you wish to confirm grade submission for all students in the class list, return to the grade roster a second time. The roster will reflect all grades previously entered, and show the names of any students missed.

    Contact Information

    Direct grading inquiries to the Records Department in the Registrar's Office at 617.349.8751 or 800.999.1959 x8751 or by email at

  • Grade Deadlines

    Grades for students in hybrid, online, and off-campus courses are generally due 15 days after the semester or term. Grade due dates can also be found on the academic calendar.

Address & Name Changes

It's important for current students, and alumni, to keep your contact information updated. Here's how to do it.

  • Address Changes

    Let us know right away of any change in your address. You can notify us in any of the following ways:

  • Name Changes

    All name changes must be requested in a letter or on the Change of Name and Address (PDF) form. Email requests are not accepted.

    Current Students

    A name-change request must be accompanied by legal documentation, such as a court order or marriage license. The name change will be reflected on the student record, and a reference to the former name will be maintained for search purposes only.


    Name changes for alumni are handled as follows, with regard to transcripts and diplomas:

    • For a name change after graduation from Lesley, legal documentation must be provided, as above.
    • The name under which the student graduated from Lesley will remain on the transcript, with the exception of a former student who has undergone gender reassignment.
      • If it’s necessary to verify your credentials for another party, we suggest you provide that party with the same documentation of name change you provide to Lesley.
    • If you’d like an updated copy of the diploma, include with your name-change documentation a check for $50, a signed copy of the Diploma Reprint Request (PDF) form and either the original diploma, or a notarized statement that the original diploma has been lost or destroyed.

    Your new diploma may look quite different from your original.

    A statement will be included with the new diploma, indicating that it is a reissue and including the former name.


Program, Course, and Term Information

Find out how to check your progress toward your degree, audit a course, reactivate your program after an absence, request a graduate course waiver, or retake a course. Learn about January Term and Summer Session.

  • Program Evaluation (Degree Audit)

    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and College of Art and Design, on-campus undergraduates, online students, and graduate students can generate a report showing progress toward their degree on Lesley’s Online Information System (LOIS).

    A Program Evaluation report is an advising tool that places your course work within a series of requirements for a specific degree program. It’s unofficial and should be used for planning purposes only. You’ll still want to meet with an academic advisor to discuss your degree program. To run a program evaluation, you’ll login to LOIS and in the Student menu, under Academic Profile, you’ll click “Program Evaluation.” For detailed instructions you can visit the following pages:

    Program Evaluation (Degree Audit) - Graduate and Online Students

    Program Evaluation (Degree Audit) - On-Campus Undergraduate Students

    If you try to run a program but can’t, or the wrong program is listed, email

    Undergraduates: You must have declared a major to run a program evaluation.

  • Auditing a Course

    You may not audit a course for which you intend to receive academic credit. The decision to take a course for audit or credit is determined at the time of registration and cannot be changed after initial registration.

    Although no credit is earned for a class taken as an audit, full tuition is charged for the course. A grade of “AUD” will appear on the transcript for any course taken on an audit basis.

  • Reactivating Your Program

    If you’ve been away from Lesley for a year or more, you’ll need to fill out the Student Program Reactivation (PDF).

  • Graduate Course Waiver

    You may be able to waive the course requirement for content you’ve covered in your previous studies. You’ll then make up the credits with an elective of your choice. Contact your assistant director to initiate the process as well as to obtain a course waiver form (also available from the Registrar).

  • Retaking a Course

    You may retake a course to improve your GPA. While the grade of the first course will appear on your transcript, only the second grade will be counted toward the number of credits completed and will be used in computing the cumulative average. Students who retake a course are required to re-register and pay for the course.

  • January Term and Summer Session

    Courses taken during the January Term are considered part of the Spring Semester and are open to all College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students who have completed the prerequisites. The credits for these courses go toward the total maximum allotment of 18 credits per semester. If a student is enrolled full-time for the Spring Semester and does not exceed a total of 18 credits for the spring, then there is no additional charge to take a January Term course

    Summer courses are not included in tuition for the academic year.

Other Programs and Benefits

We offer our alumni the opportunity to take courses on campus at a discount. And, if you're a U.S. military veteran, learn about Lesley programs that are eligible for Veteran's Administration benefits.

  • Alumni Discount

    Alumni are entitled to a 10 percent tuition reduction for most on-campus courses at the on-campus tuition rate. You’ll automatically receive this discount for eligible courses with a start date after your Lesley Commencement. The alumni discount does not apply to dual-degree programs that combine a master’s and bachelor’s degree.

    If you graduated before 1989: Please submit an Alumni Discount Form (PDF) to the Registrar to begin receiving this discount.

  • Other Discounts

    Lesley University offers a 10 percent Senior Citizen Discount, a City of Cambridge Employee Discount, and a Cambridge Resident Discount for most campus-based graduate courses. We also offer a 25 percent City Year Partnership Discount.

    Learn more about Graduate Tuition Discounts.

    Inquire about the discount when you register for courses. If you have any questions about , contact the Student Accounts Office at, 800.999.1959 x8760, or 617.349.8760.

  • Veteran’s Benefit Eligibility

    The Veteran’s Administration has approved many on-campus Lesley programs for VA benefit coverage. Contact the Registrar for information about VA benefits.

Registrar Policies and Procedures

Learn about rejected and retroactive registrations, our student record security policy, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and Related Regulations (FERPA), and other University policies.

  • Rejected Registrations

    If a registration is rejected for any reason (outstanding financial obligations, lack of payment, etc.) notification is mailed to the student. The student may not attend class until the Student Accounts Office has cleared the account and she/he is officially registered.

  • Retroactive Registration

    Lesley University policy does not permit retroactive registration. For on-campus courses, students must register prior to the second class meeting. Students registering for intensive courses (six or fewer class meetings) must do so before the course begins. Off-campus students should consult their site coordinators for registration deadlines.

  • Student Record Security

    The Registrar's Office maintains academic records both on and off premise in fire-resistant cabinets. Beginning in 1986, all academic records were put on microfilm and this security measure continues annually as students graduate or discontinue study. Microfilm records are maintained both on campus in the Registrar's Office and in duplicate with a microfilm vendor.

    In the event Lesley University discontinues operations, arrangements would be made with the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, One Ashburton Place, Room 1401, Boston, MA 02108-1696, (617) 994-6950, for the filing and maintenance of academic records. The University would take reasonable steps to notify current and former students about the arrangements for the filing and maintenance of academic records.


    FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and Related Regulations) is a federal law that provides university students with access to and control over the privacy of education records. It also provides guidelines for appropriately using and releasing student education records.

    Learn more FERPA, including student grants and the policies regarding the release of information from education records.

  • University Policies

    Wondering about an academic policy? Interested in the University's data security policy? Please visit the following pages for additional information.

    Academic Policies

    Behavior Policies

    Disability Services Policies

    Equal Opportunity and Inclusion Policy

    Privacy Policy

    Procurement & Finance Policies

Contact the Registrar's Office