A view of the Harvard bridge from the shore.
Nov 7, 2017
Kristina Gillis, who competed in the Mixed Inclusion division at the famed regatta, "is a symbol of what is possible."
Students dance in a brightly lit studio.
Nov 6, 2017
Hybrid dance movement therapy major gains international audience
John Meacham speaks at a podium at the Boston Speaker Series.
Nov 2, 2017
Historian Jon Meacham mixes humor, serious messages and hints at a way out of acrimony and divisiveness
Lesley's womens soccer team playing in a match.
Nov 2, 2017
A weekly roundup of weekend events on campus and around town.
faculty jason butler
Oct 30, 2017
Associate Professor Jason Butler has joined the Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences faculty
The Puerto Rico flag flies below the U.S. flag on a flag pole
Oct 30, 2017
Puerto Rico’s flag to fly until 90 percent of electricity restored
Don Carpenter holds his award.
Nov 7, 2017Penobscot Bay Pilot
Don Carpenter '98 is awarded for his outdoor-based youth mentoring program.
Nov 6, 2017The Cut
Alum and Associate Director of Exhibitions Andrew Mroczek's on display at Museum of Sex.
Mike Kaufman dunks
Nov 6, 2017Hoops Nation
Former Lesley basketball captain starts a company to help athletes get a “Better Bounce.”
Nov 3, 2017Indiana Student Daily
“Teaching isn’t just about teaching academic subjects,” alumna Sydney Chaffee says. "It's about teaching people."
Nov 3, 2017Drowned in Sound
Jacob Bannon '98 is after the "rawest possible sentiment" in his music.
Jason Reynolds portrait
Nov 3, 2017Entertainment Weekly
Adjunct and bestselling author Jason Reynolds on his rise in the literary world.