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Mindfulness in Business and Leadership

Earn a graduate degree that will enable you to bring focus, positivity, and a culture of compassion to leadership and business.

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Mindfulness Coach George Mumford Visits Lesley

George Mumford BannerSports psychologist and mindfulness teacher George Mumford treated a rapt audience to a tour of his career teaching mindfulness to NBA greats including Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, Olympic athletes, prison inmates, CEOs and others. Read more.

Mindfulness - Four Ways it Intersects Your World

Mindfulness: 4 Ways It Intersects Your WorldFrom the healthcare industry to the military, a growing number of sectors have embraced mindfulness as a means of alleviating stress, boosting production, and creating more productive environments in which to work and learn. Read more.

Mindfulness at Lesley

The Study of Mindfulness, with roots in health care, is making significant contributions to the fields of communications, conflict resolution, leadership, psychology, cognitive science, education, end of life care, and more.

Lesley University offers a master's degree in Mindfulness, and a professional certificate. Learn more here.