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Susan Burggraf and Kidder Smith - The Sky in the Classroom

Spring 2011 - Volume IV, Issue 3

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Susan Burggraf

Susan Burggraf now teaches at Naropa University, in their undergraduate program in Contemplative Psychology. Naropa is committed to the multiple ways that vastness couples with precision, and their linkage structures and enhances learning throughout its curricula. We would conclude with offering our thanks, to our home institutions and students, and to their parents and teachers. They nourish these possibilities, nourish our lives.

Kidder Smith

Kidder Smith taught Chinese history at Bowdoin College for twenty-five years, where he also chaired the Asian Studies program. His primary interests have been ancient Chinese thought, and he has published books on the I Ching and the Sun Tzu Art of War. He currently lives at a Tibetan Buddhist center in Ann Arbor. Joanne Szamreta is a professor at Lesley University, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in early childhood education & psychology. Being Reggio Emilia-inspired, she also organizes the annual Reggio Emilia Institute and consults with a number of Reggio-inspired schools in the area. Her current research focuses on professional development of early childhood teachers.

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