CW Female Student Writing 01

Safiya A. Jardine and Dr. Arlene Dallalfar - Sex and Gender Roles

Spring 2012 - Volume IV, Issue 4

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Safiya Jardine

Safiya Jardine is an international student from the Caribbean Island of Antigua & Barbuda. She is completing her Bachelor's degree in Business Management with a specialization in Sports Management and minor in Sociology at Lesley University. She will be graduating in May 2012. Jardine is also a First Degree Black Belt that she attained from the Purple Dragon International School of Martial Arts founded by Professor Don Jacob. She was also a winner of the US Open ISKA World Martial Arts Championship. Safiya has received several awards such as a Certificate of Achievement for the Lesley Emerging Leaders Program, and the Honorable Mention Award for the Kingston-Mann Diversity/Inclusion Scholarship.

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