AIB Female Student Working 02

Phyllis C. Brown and Cheryl A. Smith - Travel as Transformation

Summer 2005 - Volume III, Issue 2

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Phyllis Brown

Phyllis C. Brown, Ed.D., is an Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction in the Lesley University Graduate School of Education.

Cheryl Smith

Cheryl A. Smith, Ed.D., is an Associate Professor in the Adult Learning Division of the Undergraduate College of Lesley University. She received a B.A from Barnard College, Columbia University; an M.S.W. from Smith College School of Social Work; and an Ed.D. from Teachers College, Columbia University. As an Adult Educator, her research and professional interests are in the areas of adult learning, adult development, program planning and evaluation and qualitative research. Her own area of research is focused on women entrepreneurs from the African diaspora, past, present and future with an interdisciplinary approach that looks at the intersection of adult education, Black women's studies, history and their intersection.

This multidisciplinary approach also takes into account the broader fields of women's studies, including the areas of women's economic history, business and small business management and understands the impact of race, ethnicity, social class and gender on those disciplines. She also works to widen the lens of inquiry into all areas by acknowledging the importance of context: social, cultural, historical, political and economic, in both research and practice.

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