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Marion Nesbit and Susan DeCristofaro - Creative Arts as Companion Therapy in Cancer Treatment

Summer 2007 - Volume III, Issue 4

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Marion Nesbit

Faculty Marion NesbitOne of the founders of Lesley's PhD program in Educational Studies, Dr. Marion Nesbit currently works with students in the Self-designed Master's degree program. A former Chief State Consultant for Program Development in the Texas Department of Education, Dr. Nesbit informs leadership viewpoints on subjects including higher education pedagogy, thesis development and advisement, and institutional partnerships.

Susan DeCristofaro

Susan DeCristofaro, RN, MSOCN, is the Director of Patient Family Education at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  She was the clinical preceptor for ML O’Connor’s DFCI internship and is the founding administrator and also a founding member of the Creative Arts Program Advisory Committee.

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