EXTH Dance Female Student

Linda Lack - Portals: Primary Experience vs. Translated Experience

Fall 2004 - Volume III, Issue 1

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Linda Lack

Linda Lack, Ph.D. candidate at Union Institute and University, is a Performer, Choreographer, Ritualist, Lecturer, Movement Therapist, Teacher and Arts Based Researcher. She directs Two Snake Studios in Los Angeles, California where she developed, over the last 40 years, The Thinking Body – The Feeling Mind TMSM a technique taught and practiced in the USA, Malaysia, Mexico, Central America and Europe. Lack has been acknowledged by The Rockefeller Foundation, The National Endowment for the Arts, The California Arts Council, Samadha International Healing Awards, The Los Angeles Area Dance Alliance Awards for Innovative Choreography and The LACE Awards for Movement and Spirituality.

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