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Julia Byers, Robyn Flaum Cruz, and Louise Pascale - Well-Being, Chocolate and You

Summer 2007 - Volume III, Issue 4

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Julia Byers

Faculty Julia ByersThe Coordinator of the Art Therapy Program at Lesley University, Dr. Julia Byers also serves as the Co-coordinator of the Advanced Certificate in Play Therapy, and Senior Advisor in both the PhD Interdisciplinary Studies and Expressive Therapy programs. Dr. Byers, whose research interests include working with international groups on wellness, organizational consulting, and creativity, has led workshops in crisis intervention and alternative therapies in fourteen different countries.

Robyn Flaum Cruz

Faculty Robyn CruzAn instructor in Lesley's Doctoral Program for Expressive Therapies, Dr. Robyn Flaum-Cruz is a former President of the American Dance Therapy Association. Dr. Flaum-Cruz has also served as an editor for the American Journal of Dance Therapy, and has been Editor-in-Chief of The Arts in Psychotherapy since 2002.

Louise Pascale

Faculty Louise PascaleThe Director of Lesley's Integrated Teaching through the Arts Programs, Dr. Louise Pascale focuses her research on the meaning of singer and non-singer, with a desire to change the ways singing is perceived, nurtured and implemented in classrooms. Dr. Pascale has also launched the Children's Afghan Songbook Project, an initiative to help Afghan children preserve the musical element of their culture.

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