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Joanne Kilgour Dowdy & Sunny-Marie Birney - The Journey of Economic Literacy & Self-Sufficiency

Summer 2006 - Volume III, Issue 3

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Joan Kilgour Dowdy

Joanne Kilgour Dowdy is an associate professor of adolescent/adult literacy at Kent State University. She is a trained actor, with a Juilliard degree, who has performed on stage and television in Trinidad and the United States. Dr. Kilgour Dowdy has pursued scholarship that integrates the performing arts with literacy studies in various educational settings, including schools, museum and communities. Her most recent publications include Readers of the Quilt: Essays on Being Black, Female and Literate, which was nominated for an Ed Fry book award by the National Reading Conference, and PH.D. Stories: Conversations with My Sisters, to be released in Spring, 2007, by Hampton Press.

Sunny-Marie Birney

Sunny-Marie Birney is a doctoral student at Kent State University. She is studying Curriculum & Instruction as it relates to Multicultural & International Education, particularly the historical and contemporary dimensions of African-centered Education. Ms. Birney’s major areas of research are examining the pedagogy of African-American women educators and the grassroots, community-based & spiritual organizations that have supported their educational traditions. Birney ’s participation in the field of education includes home-schooling her children, starting an educational consulting firm, teaching in the public school system, and instructing in a liberal arts college environment.

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