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Jesús Nieto and Suzanne Valery - Creating a Sense of Community in the Classroom

Summer 2006 - Volume III, Issue 3

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Jesús Nieto

Jesús Nieto teaches Introduction to Multicultural Education classes for future teachers at San Diego State University. He is advisor to a number of SDSU student organizations including MEChA, Cambodian Student Association, Amnesty International and Heartprints. Nieto is an activist regarding issues related to homelessness, war and peace, CIA abuses of power, and poor children in Mexico. He can be reached at

Suzanne Valery

Suzanne Valery is the director of institutional grants at Allan Hancock College and a consultant for community colleges in program planning and grant writing. She brings her knowledge of educational leadership and strategic management to the development of grant-funded initiatives that further institutional goals and provide innovative programs for students. She has more than fifteen years experience teaching adults in a variety of settings, and currently teaches the course Cultural Democracy online at National University.

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