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Eleanor Roffman - A Collision Course

Fall 2009 - Volume IV, Issue 2

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Eleanor Roffman

Faculty Eleanor RoffmanDr. Eleanor Roffman is a feminist social justice activist. She has worked consistently over 40 years, integrating her professional life as a faculty member at Lesley University with her political commitments. Her longterm resolve to work towards a just solution for the Israel/Palestine struggle began in the late 70's when she witnessed first hand the impact of institutionalized racism, displacement, and occupation, within the 1948 borders, as well as  in occupied Palestine. Throughout the decades she has visited the region many times and  has worked closely with other Americans, Palestinians, and Israelis, in the interest of being an ally and informing Americans about the situation and the role our government plays in perpetuating the colonization of Palestine by Israelis. Her work is framed within an understanding of the role of bearing witness and the importance of speaking up about injustice.  Her trips to Israel/Palestine, and her relationships with other activists have inspired her and strengthened her resolve to continue doing this important  work.

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