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Bill Boyle and Marie Charles - James, Kwame, the Witch and the Golden Ball

Spring 2012 - Volume IV, Issue 4

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Bill Boyle

Professor Bill Boyle is the Chair of Educational Assessment and Director of the Centre for Formative Assessment Studies (CFAS) in the School of Education, University of Manchester. Professor Boyle publishes extensively on teaching, learning and assessment and works with Ministries of Education throughout the world on curriculum and assessment research and development and policy consultancies. These include leading World Bank projects in Vietnam and Jamaica on teacher development and the development of National Education Assessment systems in Russia and Pakistan. He has worked with the Gulf Arab States Education Research Council in developing a curriculum manual for benchmarking standards and has supported MoE developments in the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. He is currently a member of the Expert Council of the World Bank on an innovative Russian Educational Aid and Development project which supplies teaching, learning and assessment educational technical support to a number of developing countries in Africa and Asia

Marie Charles

Marie Charles is the Senior Researcher at CFAS and has published extensively on Early Years issues in teaching, learning and assessment with particular emphasis on Early Literacy. She is involved, along with Professor Boyle, in micro-research into classroom pedagogies and the use of assessment to support learning strategies.

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