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Graduate School of Education Professional Development Opportunities

We offer many professional development opportunities for educators.

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Summer Opportunities!

Doble SummerWe have individual online and on campus summer courses in
Arts in Education
Special Education
Technology, Math, and Science in Education
Teaching and Learning (including language and literacy)

If you are interested in math, attend one, two, or all three days of the Mathematics Summer Institute.

See what the Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative has to offer.

Check the Lesley events listing.

Professional Development Points (PDPs)

Many of our opportunities can be used to earn PDPs for teacher recertification. The number of professional development points awarded varies by professional development opportunity offered.

  • Upper-level or equivalent or lower-level undergraduate course 1 semester hour = 15 PDPs
  • Upper-level undergraduate course or approved equivalent (content must be substantially new to the teacher) 1 semester hour = 22.5 PDPs
  • Graduate-level course or approved equivalent 1 semester hour = 22.5 PDPs
  • Undergraduate or graduate course or equivalent audits 1 semester hour = 7.5 PDPs

Also, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will offer 1.5 PDPs per clock hour for professional development opportunities that:

  • Total 10 hours, minimum;
  • Include a product or pre- and post-content assignment; and
  • Include a follow-up component.