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Hero Cowboys by Keith MacLelland

Lucad Spotlight Event Keith MacLelland Hero Cowboys Exhibit ArtworkKeith MacLelland, Illustration faculty member's new show, is inspired by 1950's heroic Hollywood cowboys and today's technology immersed culture. The works consists of colorful contemporary mixed media cowboy collages made from empty cracker boxes to junk mail. Read more about Hero Cowboys >>

Olivia Khamsombath - Student

Olivia KhamsombathOlivia Khamsombath Animation Major, Class of 2014 - “The most important thing I’ve learned as a student here is that nothing is perfect, nothing is precious,” she says. “If something isn’t working, just let it go. Keep trying to be a better artist. Keep drawing and drawing and drawing.”

Julia Kirchmer - Alumni

Julia KirchmerJulia Kirchmer, Studio/Art History Major, Arts Management Minor, Class of 2013 - “It’s important for an artist to understand what’s come before. To make it new, you have to know what you’re departing from.”