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Center for Mathematics Achievement Professional Development

The Center for Mathematics Achievement offers high quality mathematics professional development events throughout the year.

CMA Team Members

Dr. Anne M. Collins, Director, 617.349.8853
Steve Yurek, Associate Director, 617.349.8938
Joan Trainer, Business Manager, 617.349.8318

2014 Mathematics Summer Institute

Join the Center for Mathematics Achievement for one, two, or all three days of its 2014 Summer Mathematics Institute, July 29 - July 31. This year's focus is "Problem Solving Using the Structure of Mathematics."  Learn more and register »

Highlights from the Summer 2013 Mathematics Institute

View these visual presentations [PDFs] for instructor highlights from workshops held during this summer's math institute!

The Chicken or the Egg, by Art Johnson
From Paper to Pinterest, by Kerry Cook
Use Appropriate Tools Strategically, by Jim Donatelli
Teaching Fractions through the Common Core, by Michele Lippens

Children's Literature in the K-3 Mathematics Classroom, by Adam Goldberg, Marla Diamantis, and M.W. Penn