GSOE Male Students Notes

Center for Mathematics Achievement Professional Development

The Center for Mathematics Achievement offers high quality mathematics professional development events throughout the year.

CMA Team Members

Dr. Anne M. Collins, Director 617.349.8853
Steve Yurek, Associate Director 617.349.8938
Joan Trainer, Business Manager 617.349.8318
Helena Tonge, Program Coordinator 617.349.8311

Highlights from the Summer 2015 Mathematics Institute

View these visual presentations [PDFs] for instructor highlights from workshops held during this summer's math institute.

Modeling (Collins 1)
Modeling (Collins 2)
Geometry (Kenney 1)
Geometry (Kenney 2)
Geometry (Kenney 3)
Mathematical Discourse (Halpern)
Cinderella (Schneider/Clark 1)
Primary Penguins (Schneider/Clark 2)
Penguins Swimming (Schneider/Clark 3)
Spreadsheets (Yurek 1)
Powerpoints (Yurek 2) 
Problems of the Week (Bookston 1)
Problems of the Week (Bookston 2)
Fractions (Lippens)
Modeling Whole Number Ops (Marin)
Schiffman I
Schiffman II
Schiffman III
Fractions, Sweet Fractions (Vinogradova)