artist nayda aurora cuevas
Nayda A. Cuevas ’15
male teacher in front of the classroom
Beau Morimando ’13
“I love creating a sense of community, joy, and high expectations—and getting kids somewhere they maybe didn’t think they could go.”
Sydney Chaffee ’07, 2017 National Teacher of the Year
Jenn Turner ’09

Creating a Safe Space for Healing

Jenn Turner combines clinical expertise with yoga to help trauma survivors.

High school teacher in front of the classroom
Sydney Chaffee, 2017 National Teacher of the Year, knows the importance of helping young people achieve.
Man with sunglasses playing a saxophone on an outdoor stage.
With a master's degree from Lesley, Devin's carved out a career as a performing artist and as a music educator for inner-city Boston youth.
Woman sitting on a colorful chair in a classroom.
Alex won a MacArthur fellowship for adaptive design. She's helped thousands of educators and families create child-specific alterations.
banana with pins in it in front of white background
This fine arts graduate creates sculptures that touch on themes of pain, pleasure, and obsessive behavior.
student outside smiling overlooking California hills
Meet Rafael, a design graduate who's worked extensively in the User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) industry around Boston.
photograph of dark field with city lights in valley below
The artist's ambitious photo-activism project explores LGBTQ human rights in Latin America.
Brain Axelrod on the farm
Brian Axelrod ’11
Simona Granfone teaching the elderly
Simona Granfone ’15