artist nayda aurora cuevas
Nayda A. Cuevas ’15
male teacher in front of the classroom
Beau Morimando ’13
“I love creating a sense of community, joy, and high expectations—and getting kids somewhere they maybe didn’t think they could go.”
Sydney Chaffee ’07, 2017 National Teacher of the Year
Jenn Turner ’09

Creating a Safe Space for Healing

Jenn Turner combines clinical expertise with yoga to help trauma survivors.

Jenn Turner in the yoga studio
Committed to facilitating equilibrium and healing, Jenn combines clinical expertise with yoga to help trauma survivors.
Cover of Gigi Brush Priebe's children's book, "Henry Whiskers"
Catch up with alum and author Gigi Brush Priebe, whose latest children's book is inspired by England's Windsor Castle.
Christine Bess Jones on the beach
Christine Bess Jones '16 brings poetry to wider audiences through her project "poems2go."
Headshot of MFA in Creative Writing alum Katie Cotugno
MFA graduate Katie's YA novels serve teen romance from the heart, piquing the interest of MTV.
cover art for Joshua's book, "The Dementia Concept"
This award-winning senior-care worker and author is addressing the frustrations and challenges that dementia caregivers face.
Enzo casually reading poetry
At Central Square Press, MFA in Creative Writing alum Enzo publishes chapbooks that give a voice to lesser-known authors.
Brain Axelrod on the farm
Brian Axelrod ’11
Simona Granfone teaching the elderly
Simona Granfone ’15