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Alumna Kimberley Gilles Receives National Award

2012 Graduate of the Integrated Teaching Through the Arts is recognized by the National Education Association

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"Kimberley has made a significant contribution to the field of education by using an integrated arts approach to support and deepen students' inquiry about social justice issues in her high school English courses. Her thesis for Lesley's M.Ed. Integrated Teaching through the Arts program is a remarkable testimony to her skill at using the power of the arts, allowing students to unearth complex issues and to engage in deep learning." —Kate Austin, Integrated Teaching through the Arts faculty member


Gillette Schools of education across the country recently came under scrutiny by a Washington policy group, which used a specific set of criteria for their study. Though we participated, we believe that there are other, more important criteria to measure success. Dean Jonathon Gillette offered his thoughts about teacher preparation standards in an opinion piece in Education Week. Read more...

Cultural Teaching Through Music: The Afghan Children's Songbook Project

Louise Pascale, professor in the Creative Arts in Learning division, is the force behind the Afghan Children's Songbook Project, which helped to regain a musical heritage in Afghanistan that had been all but erased by years of Taliban rule. Read more...
Watch Louise's TEDx talk from November 2014 about her experiences (Livestream video; her presentation begins at 5:59). 

 Afghan Children