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Learn how to develop a brand identity that stands out in the marketplace and in the minds of consumers. With a focus on brand design, you’ll explore visual branding, the language of design, and creative campaign concepts. Combined with your study of marketing, you’ll discover what it takes to present on-brand messaging to the right people at the right time and in the right place.
Study the basics of managing organizations while developing critical thinking and leadership skills. You’ll learn about managers’ roles, departments in organizations, and behaviors that impact performance.
Examine the many ways humans interact and communicate, and apply this knowledge to the study and creation of media, including journalism, film, photography, web design, and more.
Discover what it takes to make your vision happen. As an Entrepreneurship minor, you’ll gain the tools to put your business ideas into action. Develop strategies for researching your competition and the marketplace. Explore methods for financing your venture, pitching your ideas to investors, and marketing your products and services to consumers.
Do you have the skills to lead in today’s global marketplace? Through real-world scenarios, international trips, and hands-on internships, our International Business specialization prepares you for managing a diverse, multicultural workforce. Competency in two languages is required to pursue this minor.
Generate positive buzz, influence buyer behavior, and create brand loyalty. With a minor in Marketing, you’ll learn how to tap into the needs and wants of your consumer base, shape consumer perceptions about your products and services, and increase market share through creative promotional strategies.
Launch your career in the nonprofit world. Get an in-depth look at the unique challenges that these organizations face, and learn how to assess organizational effectiveness from multiple perspectives. As you learn how lead in a broad range of nonprofit environments, you’ll build expertise in ethics and responsibility, fundraising and philanthropy, financial management, marketing, and more.
Develop a competitive skill set as you gain the knowledge and experience needed to manage sports organizations across private, public, and nonprofit sectors. You’ll explore the complex demands placed on sports organizations, and prepare to offer creative solutions through the study of leadership, marketing, sport’s role in society, sport psychology, health, and nutrition.