The Flag Year 13. Color Code Venice, 2013. Composition of nine 24 x 20 Polaroids - Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Visual Arts - Visiting Artists

During the residencies, visiting artists, art critics, curators, and art historians from throughout the art world join the community and become active participants in the dialogues about art and art-making.

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R.J. Calabrese - Alumni

Visual Arts Alum - RJ Calabrese R.J. Calabrese '09 - MFA in Visual Arts
"The MFA program helped me see my work in new ways-ways that opened up opportunities for serious change."

Carmin Karasic - Alumni Spotlight

Visual Arts Alum - Carmin Karasic Carmin Karasic '05 - MFA in Visual Arts
"I make webart to affect social change in hopes of bringing about better living through cyberspace...the continued increase in internet access has made webart the most accessible and least elitist artform. My art can be seen in its original form for free, anytime, anywhere, by anyone with web access."

Jose Romero Jr. - Alumni Spotlight

Visual Arts Alum - Jose Romero Jr.Jose Romero Jr., MFA in Visual Arts '06 - "I want to persuade the viewers to look beyond the aesthetic and challenge their universal issues, question their paradigms, all while encouraging internal dialogue."

MFA Alumni Artwork

Julie LindellView Gallery of MFA in Visual Arts Alumni Artwork

The interdisciplinary focus of the MFA in Visual Arts program encourages students to explore the integration of a variety of visual arts media.

MFA Faculty Artwork

Deborah Davidson 07View Gallery of MFA in Visual Arts Faculty Artwork.

The MFA in Visual Arts program is led by internationally known faculty and mentors.