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Middle School Integrated Thematic Service Learning Units: Examples

A collection of units you can use with your middle school team.

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Components of an Effective Final Project

  • Demonstrates some aspects of the essential question/theme of the unit
  • Connected to the real world of students outside the school
  • Allows some students to "shine" and others to learn new skills
  • Some aspects are student-initiated and student-organized
  • Is something students really want to do, and provides a memorable experience
  • Has an "open-endedness" (is inquiry based)
  • Involves all the disciplines represented by teachers involved
  • Involves a skill or passion of at least one team member
  • Demonstrates some assessment of student understanding
  • Depends on each member of the group for completion
  • Helps students synthesize knowledge (be reflective) and be age appropriate
  • Involves a public performance of some nature
  • Has value for the students and/or the community