Undergraduate Humanities Degrees (BA)

Through an Undergraduate Humanities Program, you will obtain an extensive cultural and historical knowledge base, while developing a research, critical thinking, and persuasive communication skillset that will prepare you for numerous professional settings.

English Honors Thesis

Victoria Gordon Victoria Gordon’s (English and Secondary Education Major ’16) senior thesis, “Identity Construction and Development in the Modernist Bildungsroman,” examines how Modernist thinking and styles influence the construction of the “self” and of self-formation in the Bildungsroman. Read More


Oxford Street Players Presents "Two Noble Kinsmen"

Faculty Annie PlutoHumanities Professor, Dr. Annie Pluto directs upcoming play Two Noble Kinsmen. Read More.

Dr. Donna Halper featured in a Harvard University exhibit on the history of Boston radio

Faculty Donna Halper

Dr.Donna Halper, Associate Professor of Communications at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, is featured in a Harvard University exhibit on the history of radio in Boston.

Access a Boston Magazine audio interview with her and clips from her broadcast career