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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Art Therapy

The Bachelor of Science in Art Therapy will give you the tools and techniques to use art modalities such as painting, drawing, and sculpture to assist adults and children in a variety of healing settings.

Deepen your studies in a tropical setting

Experience Costa Rica's diverse cultures and natural environment with Professors Neal Klein and Jan Wall. Program Dates: June 1-17, 2017. Learn more.

Sam Teperow - Alumni Spotlight

Sam Teperow, Class of 2012, Art Therapy - "Lesley had one of the best undergraduate Art Therapy programs in the Boston area. Art has always been a big part of my life. It has been there for me in times of joy, sadness, and need. I honestly cannot remember a time not having some form of art present in my youth whether it was dance, visual art, or music. My interest in art only continues to grow stronger as I get older and study more classes with different media. I chose to study Art Therapy because it helped me in the past when I was going through a rough time and I wanted to help people in the same way. Art is a different language and it opens another portal of communication."