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Expressive Therapies Graduates First Low-Residency Cohort

Expressive Therapies Low Residency GraduatesLaunched in 2013, the program is an extension of the traditional on-campus model, allowing students from across the country and the globe to complete 60-credit licensure-based programs in clinical mental health counseling with specializations in art therapy, dance therapy, expressive arts therapy, and music therapy. Two recent graduates tell us about their experiences in the program, and their plans for the future. Read More.

How Art Benefits Older Adults

FACULTY Raquel StephensonArt and Aging - How Creative Expression Can Benefit Older Adults
Lesley Professor Dr. Raquel Stephenson taps into the healing powers of art, and employs creative endeavors as a means of keeping the elderly connected and engaged with the world around them.

Alumni Profile: Kelvin Ramirez

Kelvin BannerKelvin Ramirez is the soul of compassion. And curiosity. And determination. He’s an artist, teacher, and therapist who sees the world as it could be—a place where children grow and create and explore without fear...[read more]

Expressive Therapies Scholarships

graduate-drama-therapy-class-4-spotlightLesley's Division of Expressive Therapies awards $2 million in merit scholarships to master's degree candidates each year in a range of amounts up to $13,000. Visit our graduate scholarships page to learn more.