Center for Mathematics Achievement

Center for Mathematics Achievement Professional Development

The Center for Mathematics Achievement offers high quality, engaging professional development events and workshops throughout the year.

Center for Mathematics Achievement

Dr. Anne M. Collins, Director 617.349.8853

Steve Yurek, Associate Director 617.349.8938

Joan Trainer, Senior Assistant Director of Administration and Finance 617.349.8318

Hilary Kreisberg, Program Coordinator 617.349.8344

District Math Courses Fall 2016

District-based courses for math professional development this summer for graduate credits or PDPs—sign up today! See PDFs below for more information.

Functions and Algebra II: Weymouth and Brockton Public Schools

Life Sciences: Weymouth and Brockton Public Schools

Using Fraction as Number: Holyoke, West Springfield, and Easthampton Public Schools


Highlights from the Summer 2016 Mathematics Institute

View these visual presentations [most are PDFs] for instructor highlights from workshops held during this summer's math institute.

Analyzing Student Work (Kreisberg I)
Odd Number Patterns (Kreisberg II)
Transitioning to Proof (Schiffman)
Successfully Structuring...(Matthews)
Problems of the Week 1 (Bookston)
Problems of the Week 2 (Bookston)
Codes from Caesar-Cybersecurity (Yurek I)
Codes (Yurek II)
Fabulous Fractions (Yurek III)
Magic Squares (Yurek IV)
What If... (Yurek V)
The Area Model (Yurek VI)
Building Flexible Knowledge (Hansen I)
Handouts (Hansen II)
Seeing the Joy in Numbers (Manousaridis)
Using Multiple Representations (Gartland)
Teaching Structural Thinking (Lucenta/Kelemanik)
Walk Like an Egyptian (Cook/Hanson)