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Center for Mathematics Achievement

Graduate School of Education

Devoted to improving the pedagogical and content knowledge of mathematics teachers in grades K-12.

CMA Team Members

Dr. Anne M. Collins, Director, 617.349.8853
Steve Yurek, Associate Director, 617.349.8938
Joan Trainer, Business Manager, 617.349.8318
Helena Tonge, Program Coordinator, 617.349.8344

About the Center for Mathematics Achievement

Faculty Anne CollinsDirected by Dr. Anne M. Collins, a leader in the mathematics education field and author of numerous books, the Center for Mathematics Achievement is at the forefront of mathematics professional development. The staff are leaders in formative assessment strategies and protocols, and are actively involved in the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts, Massachusetts Mathematics Association of Teacher Educators, the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, and the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators.

Highlights from Putting the M Back in STEM

View a photo album [PDF] showing activities in courses held in Brockton and Quincy, Massachusetts, and from trips to the Museum of Science, Boston.

Highlights from the Summer 2014 Mathematics Institute

View these visual presentations [PDFs] for instructor highlights from workshops held during this summer's math institute.

Green Data (Armontrout 1)

Assorted (Armontrout 2)

Univariate Data (Armontrout 3)

Teaching Isn't Telling (Collins)

Who is Cavalieri (Cook)

Unlocking Quadratics (Deleidi)

Rich Problems... (Findell)

I Can't Do This (Jackson)

Maximize the Frogging (Matthews 1)

Using Problem Solving (Matthews 2)

Role Played by Functions (Schiffman)

Problem Sheet (Yurek 1)

Some Problems Are Born Great (Yurek 2)

Cutting Corners (Johnson)