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Learn about federal and state financial aid to support study abroad.

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Lesley Commits to Doubling Participation in Study Abroad

Launched by the Institute of International Education in March 2014, Generation Study Abroad is a five-year initiative to double the number of students studying abroad by the end of the decade.

Business and Global Studies in Rome

Laura Slor

Laura Slor, a business and global studies major, spent her sophomore year studying in Rome, Italy. Read More.

Scholarships for Study Abroad and International Students

AIFS Study Abroad
Awards more than $600,000 in scholarships to students and institutions each year.

Awards $3 million in scholarships and grants for study abroad each year.

Institute of International Education (IIE)
Offers study abroad scholarships for U.S. students with financial need; has a database of funding options for international students who are interested in studying in the U.S.

International Education Financial Aid
A resource for financial aid, scholarships, and grants for U.S. and international students wishing to go abroad.

International Student
Assistance for U.S. students that want to study abroad or international students that want to study in the U.S.